• Photography retouching services - complete retouch from 2 usd
  • Image retouching company - Photoshop retouching from 5 usd
  • Retouching services for professional photographers - only 5 usd per image
  • Beauty photo retouch - only 10 usd per image retouching
  • Photoshop editing services - from 0.2 usd per image retouching
  • Professional digital photo editing service - Photoshop manipulation from 5 usd per image
  • Digital photo retouching services - from 5 usd per image
  • Professional photo retouching services for old photograph
  • Professional photo retouching for product listings
  • Photoshop retouching for product photography
  • Professional photo editing services for property photographers

    Photo Retouching Services | Professional Photo Editing

    Fixthephoto is the most trusted agency in online photo retouching business since 2003. Simply upload photos, write your requirements, and we'll take care of the rest.

    We have been working in professional photo editing since 2003
    #1 service in photo editing industry
    Tell us about your photo retouching style
    Follow your unique photography style
    We will not use retouched photos without your permission
    We guarantee 100% security
    24 hrs rush service for photo editing
    Fast 24 hour

    Photo Editing Services We Provide:

    Photo editing services for portraits before Photo editing services for portraits after

    Portrait Photo Editing

    Only $6 per photo. We will make portrait photos look good and professionally edited.
    Our retouchers will enhance body shapes and skin texture, remove all unwanted imperfections making your models look realistically edited.
    Portrait photo editing services included:
    • Color adjustment
    • Skin smoothing
    • Blemishes and stray hair removal
    • Make-up correction
    Photography retouching services before Photography retouching services after


    Only $0.25 per photo. Give a romantic feel to your photos.
    Our team will add highlights, adjust colors and enhance the background fast and at the cheapest price.
    • Stylized color correction
    • Airbrushing
    • Skin texture retouching
    • Smoothing out wrinkles on the clothes
    • Fixing lighting issues
    Photoshop services for body photography before Photoshop services for body photography after


    Only $6 per photo. We will make any model’s figure look fabulous.
    We will remove all skin and body imperfections reshaping body parts, muscles size increasing and fixing makeup.
    Body photo editing services included:
    • Airbrushing
    • Making body curves slimmer
    • Dodge&Burn
    • Breast enlargement
    • Cellulite removal
    • Background enhancement
    • Stray hair removal
    Professional photo editing services for newborns photos before Professional photo editing services for newborns after


    Only $6 per photo. We will help you enhance baby photos to create a charming photo album.
    Our experts will remove skin blemishes, adjust red tints/colors, remove props and transform the background naturally.
    • Skin tone enhancement and airbrushing
    • Nose, eyes, cheeks retouching
    • Background editing
    • Color enhancement
    • Unnecessary props removal
    • Body retouching
    Photoshop services online for ecommerce before Photoshop services online for ecommerce after


    Only $2.50 per photo. We will help you widen your customer base.
    Our experts will skillfully edit your product/ecommerce photos and make them Amazon or catalog-worthy.
    • Background removal/replacement
    • Color correction
    • Editing out shadows
    • Ghost Mannequin technique
    • Noise reduction
    • Clipping path
    Professional photoshop services for jewellery before Professional photoshop services for jewellery after


    Only $6 per photo. Make your jewelry photos shine and look flawless.
    We will enhance gems, replace background, make color correction and remove any unwanted objects.
    • Background removal
    • Making the gemstones look shiny
    • Color enhancement
    • Reflection removal
    • Making metal surfaces smoother
    Photo editing services for photographers before Photo editing services for photographers after

    Photo Manipulation

    Only $30 per photo. Make your photos or collages look more creative and fun.
    We can fully replace heads, facial expressions, transform the background, turn your pictures into paintings and make funny collages.
    Photo manipulation services included:
    • Photomontage
    • Background removal
    • Objects replacement
    • Heads/faces swapping
    • Applying special effects
    Online photo editing services for property before Online photo editing services for property after

    Real Estate

    Only $1.50 per photo. Help your clients find a house of their dreams showing perfect photos.
    We guarantee professionally edited photos of real estate properties and interiors covering real estate trends.
    • Horizon strengthening
    • Sky replacement
    • Lawn retouching
    • Unwanted objects removal
    • Window cut-out
    Photography touch up services for old photographs before Photography touch up services for old photographs after


    Only $30 per photo. We will bring your memories back to life.
    Colorize an old family photo or restore a photo damaged by time/water/fire.
    • Restoring water-damaged areas
    • Repairing torn parts
    • Deleting stains
    • Face retouching
    How Does It Work?
    Quick and safe uploading of photos to retouching service
    Upload photos
    Write instructions about your photo retouching style
    Write instructions
    Pay for the photo retouching and get your edited photos back
    Get your edited photos
    Accept the retouched photos or request changes
    Submit for revision if needed

    It’s very easy to start using our online photo editing service! You can do it in just 4 simple steps:

    1. Create account and upload your photo/s.
    2. Write detailed instructions, attach sample photos.
    3. Get your edited photos back.
    4. Accept the work or request changes (if necessary).

    Be sure that our professional photography retouchers will follow your photo editing guidelines to create a digital masterpiece for your clients.

    Photo Retouching Services

    Professional photo retouching services provided by FixThePhoto perfectly meet requirements of a professional photographer who wants to save time or a beginner who wants images to be professionally edited.
      Great testimonials by thousands of professional photographers who have used our photo editing services for almost 17 years
      YEARS OF
      Only calibrated monitors, any kind of raw files, any image downloader and free revisions.


      Our Customers’ Feedback about FixThePhoto Image Editing Service

      • Photo editing services customer feedback
        Amanda Fury - A verified customer on family photo editing service
        - 06/09/2022

        I promised one customer to return his pictures in time, after it I had another client whom I promised the same too. Consequently, that turned out to be a closed circle of broken promises.
        The best decision was to google an online Photoshop editing service. Soon I realized that the retouching price of $30-50 per one hour was too much. Eventually, I found FixThePhoto. Only $2 per 1 retouched photo. At first, I didn`t believe that was true, because their quality was great.
        For $10 every customer can order High End photo editing. Usually it takes me from 3 hours to do it. Now I co-work with them on a permanent base.

      • Photo edit service customer feedback
        Regina Wood - A verified customer on commercial photography retouch service
        - 16/08/2022

        Usually I don’t leave service reviews but this is an exception. Working in the photography and retouching industry for many years, you realize that it’s difficult to find free time on deep photo editing.
        Being just a hobby-like beginner, I had to improve my photography speed, skills and style. That requires much time and I didn’t have enough time to devote to mastering Photoshop or Lightroom. Unfortunately, Photoshop still remains sophisticated for me and I spend much time on manipulations.
        Co-working with the online photo editing service - FixThePhoto is the first professional step in my successful career. I want to express my gratitude to this service for following my style and attention to detail.

      • Photo editing service customer feedback
        Kate Perkins - A verified customer on portrait photo enhancement services
        - 04/08/2022

        Some years before, I was a frequent user of automatic image retouching services. But as soon as I discovered the world of photo industry, I began to understand that this type of cooperation did not suit me at all.
        So, I referred to freelance photo retouchers but this co-working also did not satisfy me, that was rather slow. Then I addressed FixThePhoto. To make sure of their high-quality, I gave them one testing order with photo correction.
        Since then I have been successfully working with them for half a year. No hidden problems concerning pricing, no delays. This touch up service can be recommended.

      • Photo retouch service customer feedback
        Richard Ferguson - A verified customer on basic photo edit service
        - 11/07/2022

        I have never tried doing retouching on my own, having trusted this procedure to freelancers. But this cooperation brings too many difficulties. Communication is almost impossible and deadlines are, as a rule, broken.
        At first, I was quite skeptical about FixThePhoto photo editing service but being offered a free trial, I was able to estimate their quality. The results were satisfactory. So, with little fear I sent one paid order. The result overcame my expectations.
        They have never ignored my deadlines. Their photo retouching prices are friendly that there are no changes concerning my standard package for customers. A great service for amateurs who don’t like making image editing on their own.

      • Photography retouching services customer feedback
        Peter Andrews - A verified customer on retouch services
        - 23/06/2022

        Many years ago I somehow managed to combine the occupation of a photographer and retoucher without any assistance. I tried to do it on a satisfactory level and my customers did not have claims.
        Once I was asked to provide an unusual digital manipulation. I had to change clothing, backdrop and other little details. I didn`t want to refuse that particular order. Thus, I had to spend several long days in front of my computer trying to learn at least something that would be helpful in Photoshop. But still my result was too weak, awkward and clumsy to be shown to the client.
        Fortunately, I came across this photo editing service and became totally impressed.

        Our Photo Editors Works

        Click on the Before and After examples below to see some of our recent retouching work. Professional photographers all around the world trust us and send their photos for post production photography services by our highly skilled Photoshop experts.

        • Image retouching services for a newborn photoshoot
        • Photo touch up services for weddings
        • Photoshop editing services for outdoor photography
        • Photography editing services for manipulations
        • Professional photo retouching services for a family photoshoot
        • Retouching services for professional headshot photographers
        • Photoshop retouching services for professional photographers
        • Professional retouching services for fitness photography
        • Best photo retouching services for wedding photoshoot
        • Professional photo editing services for model photography
        • Online photo editing service for body photography

          Professional Photo Retouching Services Worldwide

          Photographers often ask us where is our photo editing company located and is it possible to work if they are not in the USA. We are online photo editing service that means there are no limits and borders and we can work with photographers from any country and speak any language.

          Photo retouching services in USA

          USA is our primary business area. We have built successful


          Canada is the second destination and we work with


          This country has many talented photographers who


          We take much pleasure providing photo retouching


          We are multi languages online photo editing service

          Australia and New Zealand

          From Sydney to Perth and from Adelaide to Darwin


          Our retouching portfolio consists of pictures

          United Kingdom

          Our experienced masters work with many portrait

          About FixThePhoto Photo Retouching Service

          Image Retouching Company Growth

          FixThePhoto has been in business since 2003. Earlier we specialized in portrait photo editing in Photoshop and GIMP and offered only basic image retouching services. Today we provide the widest range of professional online retouching services of the highest level. Our retouchers make any kind of Photoshop work for all photography genres and of any level of complexity.

          Our mission is to offer fast, affordable, secure, and high-quality photo retouching help for beginning and professional photographers who can’t or don’t have time to do image editing on their own.

          At FixThePhoto we understand that many photographers are just starting out, so we provide specialized photo editing services for everyone. We are constantly developing and trying to make your work easier. You take photos, we edit.

          • 2022
            FixThePhoto Photo Editing App
            We launched our own application, Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch, on iOS and Android which allows anyone to receive individual photo editing, color correction and even photo restoration on the phone in a couple of clicks and get the image done online in minutes. Send your photos, highlight the face/s, choose what changes you want (background correction, face or/and body retouching, colors fixing, adding stickers, change faces, etc.) and get notified as soon as FixThePhoto’s expert edits your picture. Our app makes editing faster, now you can ask for professional retouching anytime you want. You can order all photo editing services our website offers right in your phone.
          • 2020
            Reviews Professional Photography Editing Software Gears
            FixThePhoto starts sharing its skills in professional photo editing services so we are creating articles and video tutorials that will be a helpful hand in professional photographic retouching. They will allow everyone to find some ideas about photo retouching and post-processing. Our YouTube videos will provide training for any level: newbie, intermediate and expert photographers. In those video tutorials you'll learn the ways of using photo editing softwares, tools and working with layers. We'll teach you how to shift your wedding, product, real estate, and portrait photographs to the pro high stage. Our lessons will show methods of photo editing, posing guides, creative ideas as well as plenty of image retouching techniques and useful tips about how to run a successful photography business.
          • 2017
            Shop for Digital Photo Retouching Tools
            Later we open our Shop where customers can download useful free and premium tools to enhance photos in Photoshop, Lightroom or Capture One. They are easy-to-use and can be applied by amateurs and experts. These are Lightroom presets, brushes, Capture One styles, Photoshop actions, overlays, textures, brushes. Besides, one can download photography marketing templates, photography logos, pricing templates, invitations that are very useful for promoting photography business. We add new products every day to make photo editing workflow easier and quicker.
          • 2016
            Digital Image Retouching Manipulation
            This year we start to provide our clients with photo manipulation services as well as digital drawing. This kind of professional photo editing services is widely used when photographers can't take this kind of pictures or naturally edit them because it is technically too difficult. We create completely fantastic and surreal photographs, sketches or cartoons realistically and for the affordable price. This online retouching service merges real objects and photos to offer funny or unreal outcomes. Our retouchers work with different file formats. Having got many years of photo editing practice our professional retouchers and digital artists may create a masterpiece from any shot.
          • 2015
            Product Photo Retouching Services Clipping Path Photoshop Service
            After successful launch of Lightroom photo editing service FixThePhoto begins to offer product photo editing services for e-commerce photographers who need professional photo editing help for their projects. They can order clipping-path, color correction, ghost mannequin, and other related Photoshop services. As an international professional picture editing service, we start cooperating with more than 1000 clients from advertising and marketing agencies, online shops as well as with a plenty of professional photographers from all over the world. We assure that with our help they get the professional photo editing services for reliable fees with the fast-delivery time – especially in case of bulk orders.
            This year we started a blog that features hundreds of articles about photo editing, photography news, photo gear reviews, latest trends, etc. In this blog our photo retouchers and experienced photographers present information about their experience, illustrate their favorite and recent photographs, before and after photo editing samples, etc. The images are accompanied by stories, tips and photography techniques.
          • 2011
            Lightroom Photo Editing Services
            In several years Lightroom starts to gain popularity, so we offer bulk photo editing. Our retouchers start offering Lightroom photo editing services that are oriented on beginning and professional photographers who're specialized in event photography. We provide the following grades of photo retouching services: image culling, color correction, and artistic photo editing. The online photo editing services are carried out by the professional photo editors who consider the clients’ feedback and follow instructions. To save photographers’ money, we offer Lightroom Photography Editing Packages that are useful in high seasons.
          • 2009
            Old Photo Retouching Restoration Services
            This year our retouchers begin to restore old photos or images damaged by time/fire/water. Our clients send us scanned original photographs and then we use Photoshop to edit the old images that can be printed later. No matter what happened with the damaged images, our photo retouchers fix them. Amongst other photo restoration companies at the market, we offer low costs but the top-notch quality and realistic photo retouching technique, fast turnaround time, online order monitoring possibility, and nearly 24/7 customer support.
          • 2003
            Portrait Retouching Services
            FixThePhoto starts editing portrait photos. Our retouchers do basic photo editing of headshots, couple, baby, and family photos. The photographer’s style is followed. For affordable price we do everything a photographer needs for realistic results. Using our image editing service, one can be sure we don’t publish, sell or use his/her photos without permission. The Photoshop service helps photographers to be ahead of their competitors..
          Our image retouchers are ready for you.

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